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About The Gnomes and the gnoshery

THe Gnomes

Gnome Games is one of the world premier tabletop game retailers with 4 locations for families to shop, play and enjoy.

Pat “The Head Gnome’ and Paula ‘MissGnomer’ Fuge opened Gnome Games in 2003 to provide families in northeastern Wisconsin with the best in tabletop fun.  Tabletop gamers, parents, educators and active community members their goal was simple.  To provide the community with a safe place to play, where kids could learn about all the fun things that happen at a table and where parents are empowered to sit down and talk to their kids.

Gnome Games quickly became recognized as one of the innovative leaders in the tabletop gaming industry, creating in store and community play opportunities and have been recognized as world-class leaders in the gaming world.  Whether your game is as simple as Uno, as imaginative as Dungeons and Dragons, as cooperative as Pandemic or as artistic as the hobby of Warhammer 40K; we have you covered.

Our stores feature one of the largest selections of tabletop games and accessories in the world and the experiences we bring to schools, churches and conventions across the Midwest are memorable.

Our goal is simple – to put a little fun on every families table.

Shop and Play with the Gnomes

The Gnoshery Library

Stay and Play Library

The Gnoshery has hundreds of games for you to enjoy while you Gnosh!

Whether cards or dice are your thing, we’ve got you covered.
Don’t know what to play?
Need a little help figuring out how to play one of the games?
Ask a Gnome!

Gnosh & Play Hours

  • Monday – Friday 9 – 7
  • Saturday             8 – 7
  • Sunday               8 – 5

Last kitchen order is 30 minutes prior to close

The Gnoshery - Gnome Games

Our Story

All are welcome at our tables
Let there not be an empty seat in the house
Fill the halls with laughter and grand conversation
And our bellies with fine food and drink
May new friendships be created
And old ones renewed
May we always be thankful for the opportunity to play together

Gnomish Table Prayer

The Gnoshery was developed by the Head Gnome and Miss Gnomer  as a way to bring Gnome Games to Door County tables and combine them with culinary delights in a way that provides visitors to Door County with memorable fun, food and fellowship at the tables in historic downtown Sturgeon Bay.  

Our mission is simple, to provide a fun, safe and memorable experience for all that visit, and give each family a way to create memories together at the tables. We know that they way to our hearts is through food and play, and that’s what we provide to the visitors at The Gnoshery.  

Memories start with great food and drink, and we offer the very best in Fair Market coffee and teas from Terra Verde, put Wisconsin delights together into delicious sandwiches, salads, snack boards and other ‘Gnoshables’ for you to enjoy while playing one of the games from our stay and play library. 

With hundreds of games available to play, and thousands available to purchase and take home, there’s always something fun to put on the table.  The Gnomes, or Gnoshery staff are also avid gamers, with a great deal of knowledge, experience and passion for the games  – and we love to share that so you and your friends and family have the best experience possible.  

Our space at 23 N 3rd Ave in Sturgeon Bay is part of the historic downtown, and is a beautiful 1880’s building with a lot of sweet history.  It was a bakery for much of the 20th century, and is one on the National Registry of Historic places.  

We invite you to join us for a cup, a bite and a game during your visit to Door County; and make The Gnoshery part of your story!

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Food Lovers – Coffee and Tea Enthusiasts – Gamers

The Gnomes

Pat - the Head Gnome

Pat is The Head Gnome – owner of Gnome Games & The Gnoshery

Pat is one of the two owners of Gnome Games and The Gnoshery.
A retired US Army Master Sergeant, he has been playing games for over 50 years, with 40 years of Role Playing and Game Master experience.  He’s also a pretty darned good cook and bottle washer, an educator and former adjunct faculty at UW Green Bay, an Optimist and one of the oldest Pokémon Professors around.

You’ll often see him in the kitchen cooking alongside our staff, teaching kids how to play games, or zipping in to drop off games before he’s off to one of the other stores or to order more games.  He has also been recognized in the Game Industry for his development of one of the world leading community outreach programs.

Favorite Games – I always love to tell stories and when I can do it when playing games it’s the best experience one can have.

Board Games – Gravwell, Talisman, Forbidden Island,

Card Games – Fluxx, Pokemon, Magic the Gathering, Star Realms and Sushi Go

Party Games – Snake Oil, Danger, Wing It and Werewolf

Role-Playing Games – Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder

Miniatures – Painting them….

Ms. Gnomer

Paula – Ms.Gnomer – Owner of Gnome Games and The Gnoshery

Paula is the HR Director and owner for The Gnoshery and Gnome Games.  She’s been playing games for a few decades, and enjoys teaching young players how to play Pokémon.  You’ll often find her at the tables at The Gnoshery on a Saturday morning, teaching new players not only how to play, but just as importantly the Spirit of the Game.  If she’s rolling dice you can bet she’s playing her favorite dark elf; wreaking havok in the dungeon much to the chagrin of the Game Master….

She’s also quite fond of Gnomes, Westies and is the resident Dirt Track Racing expert.  You may also hear her screaming over the roar of the cars cheering for her favorite drivers at The Hill Raceway in Sturgeon Bay, The ‘Burg Speedway in Luxemburg or 141 Speedway when she’s not keeping the Head Gnome out of trouble.

Favorite Games – Nothing too long or involved, with easy to learn rules that I can teach to kids.

Board Games – Hive, Backgammon, Talisman

Card Games – Cribbage, Murder of Crows, Pokemon,  Neopets, Racko

Party Games – Telestrations

Role-Playing Games – Dungeons and Dragons

Miniatures – Painting them and Hot Wheels

Kit Gnome

Kit is our lead Barista and a Role-Playing Game expert, as well as the World Renown Gnome Games Dice Cleric 

Kit is an avid board gamer with more than a decade of fun and games under their belt. They started with games like Catan and Dominion and have since fallen headfirst in love with deck builders, cooperative gaming, and as many roleplaying games as they can sink their teeth into.

You’ll often see Kit sharing the blessing of the dice as the most famous Dice Cleric in the world (We know that bardic inspiration is the real source of their fame) and if you are really lucky you’ll get to see them with their violin in action, as a very talented musician

Feel free to talk to me about any of your favorite games, as I am always willing to learn a new one! And if you want to know anything about roleplaying games, ask away, I’ll probably have a really cool recommendation up my sleeve!