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The Gnoshery is Door County’s premier Board Game Café, located at 23 N 3rd Avenue in Sturgeon Bay, WI.  We serve delicious soups, sandwiches and other ‘Gnoshables’ that you and your friends and family can enjoy while you play games from the Gnome Games Stay & Play Library.  Our selection is world class, with thousands of different tabletop games available for you to purchase and share with friends while on vacation or at home!

Want even more games?  Visit the Gnome Games stores in Green Bay and Appleton or shop the Gnome Games Online Store – with even more games for all ages and interests.

Gnosh! Gnosh!

All are welcome at our tables
Let there not be an empty seat in the house
Fill the halls with laughter and grand conversation
And our bellies with fine food and drink
May new friendships be created
And old ones renewed
May we always be thankful for the opportunity to play together

Gnomish Table Prayer

Enjoy our Stay And Play Library while you enjoy a meal with friends or family!

We keep out library stocked with 100+ games for your enjoyment!

Play a strategic game of Chess with a colleague, A goofy game of Danger Noodle with your family, or a comfy game of Tea Dragon Society with a friend!

Want to learn how to play one of these games? Check out the Gnoshery Date Nights, and you can enjoy a delicious meal, and learn a game with a friend from on of the Gnoshery Gnomes!

The Gnoshery
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Alana RAlana R
20:55 12 Jun 24
We had a great time visiting for a birthday of a huge Pokemon fan! The staff was so welcoming and helpful, and our meal was excellent. Their menu is extensive, and everything was fresh and delicious. The board game selection is awesome with a huge selection to play while you wait for your meal or to buy and take home. We will definitely be frequenting here often!read more
19:56 07 Jun 24
Excellent place to hang out, the prices are reasonable, it’s a nice atmosphere, the food tastes good, and the bathroom was excellentread more
Erin ZippErin Zipp
18:05 01 Jun 24
Board game cafe – very cool idea!
Leo FoxLeo Fox
20:33 26 May 24
Unfortunately Underwhelming. Saw the TV commercials for this place, went to Sturgeon Bay for a visit. Get a bite to eat, play some games seems like a good concept.. two customers in front of us , one with a coffee order and one a sandwich order. unfortunately the kitchen service was lousy, long time , greater than 20 minutes to get our sandwiches , you figure a couple of sandwiches would be quick. I know it’s not a fast food place, but.. zzzz . Plenty of employees behind the counter. Sandwiches were ordinary, nothing more
Aleshia TeelAleshia Teel
22:41 25 May 24
Ryan MorrisRyan Morris
22:31 20 May 24
Patrick HartelPatrick Hartel
10:56 18 May 24
Nice, friendly place to stop for a cup of coffee. Wide selection of drink items: coffees, teas, etc. Staff was warm and welcoming. There are plenty of board games to use while enjoying your meal. Will note that I just stopped for coffee but did not eat there, but the menu was varied, and food loomed more
Kaytie MyersKaytie Myers
03:59 14 May 24
Such a fun place! It is a very very awesome location as well. There’s a candy shop right accross the road. Back to the food it was great! There’s also plenty of merchandise. So glad to have another “Gnome” more
Cullen MayesCullen Mayes
03:18 14 May 24
Delightful cafe, lots of fun games to try out and buy. Raspberry slushie was very good. The Gnoshery was our favorite place we visited in Sturgeon more
Andria Hails (Phebo)Andria Hails (Phebo)
13:05 12 May 24
Great coffee and a great selection of games! We get poke-stuff all the time. Staff is fast and friendly.
Basil CedrasunBasil Cedrasun
22:15 10 May 24
Sum DuckSum Duck
18:42 07 May 24
Definitely worth a stop if you like coffee or board games.
Ben KundeBen Kunde
17:39 30 Apr 24
Had the Gnome of Monte Cristo and an Americano. Sandwich was amazing and the coffee was perfect. Fantastic brunch/game spot. Played games while we ate!read more
Michael FitchMichael Fitch
19:14 24 Apr 24
If you’re into board games, it’s a great shop to check out. They have an area up front to “sample” a rotating selection of games. Great coffee served by efficient caring staff.The owners are another story… a pair of Boomers on their computers. Shown, no care or enthusiasm about the establishment just so long as they are making profit. Four guests and I ordered breakfast. They had no issue sitting around discussing with themselves who was/needs to be fired. While one teenager had to do all the cooking by herself. Only to be pulled aside and told what she needs to improve on.I love the theme of the place, but feel awful for anyone working under these service industry more
Corinna ZennigCorinna Zennig
01:02 27 Mar 24
Great selection of food and drinks. Super cozy boardgame space where you can play rental games for free or bring your own. Nice game selection to buy as more
Lisa AldrichLisa Aldrich
18:40 24 Mar 24
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